Al-Munaf Corporation carries out its all operations of manufacturing garments by going through various departments. From initially converting raw form of yarn or thread to the finished goods and finally supplying to the customer, each and every function is carried out by its own in-house factory, it does not need to outsource any of its operations. Customer has the facility to just order for her requirements and receive on prescribed time. No any delay is possible as the corporation is independent of all of its functions.

Knitting and Weaving:

The corporation has the facility of both knitting and weaving to convert yarn into the fabric. Majority of textile units establish only one either knitting or weaving, Al-Munaf has instituted both just to avoid any delay in supplying the customer’s order on time and such efforts have really helped in retaining the customer for present and future as well.


Not only manufacturing but also the decoration of fabric is important. The corporation decorates the fabric by its embroidery department, it has the ability and the whole mechanism to convert a given sketch into final design on fabric. It has setup 15 machines for embroidery including 5 Tajima embroidery machines with the capacity of designing about 12000 pieces per day with minimum 2000 stitches per piece.


Printing department of Al-Munaf Corporation has the facility to print the fabric with no limit in length and 110 inches width at the maximum. It carries all kinds of printing including namely table printing, transfer printing, flack printing, foil printing, high density printing, water base printing, panel printing, continuous printing, automatic printing, sharp printing, etc. The printing is possible also on glass in Al-Munaf.


Al-Munaf Corporation has instituted three stitching divisions with about 50 single needle machines each, and also a cutting division with three large cutting machines having the ability to cut the fabric with unlimited length.

Denim washing & effects:

Al-Munaf Corporation has established a separate Denim division where denim jeans are procured, brushed, washed, dyed, sand blasted, sprayed and sold further to the customer.


The corporation has its own packing division with the ability to pack about 150 to 200 dozen boxes per day.

Carton making:

To save the precious time and cost, Al-Munaf Corporation manufactures its own cartons in unlimited sizes and quantity.

Company Service Vehicles / Transport facility:

The organization has its own transport facility to carry out the luggage from one unit to another and finally shipping to the port for exports. Its large number of vehicles includes a Water Tanker, Hino Truck, Mazda, Shehzore, etc.