Sharp-Tools & Metal Policy


Al-Munaf Corporation stitching units are capable to demonstrate its commitment for implement the sharp tools and metal contamination policy.

 - All stitching units must follow the Broken Needle Policy

 - Clippers or scissors must be securely fastened with the work station or machine.

 - Clippers, scissors and other sharpen tools if any must be counted out and in at the end of each day/shift by the Line Supervisor.

 - General housekeeping is properly carried out with vacuum cleaners to prevent the loosed stray metal components.

 - Products are 100% passed through the conveyor metal detector as finished goods after packing & labelling.

 - It is the Al-Munaf Corporation’s and its entire team responsibility to ensure that no products are contaminated and workers will not use / wear any type of metal ring / watch etc. Therefore, workers who are working inside metal zone will not use any type of metal item. Similarly, the use of pins and staples is not allowed in metal free zone.

- Conveyor metal detectors include:

     - an automatic rejection device which returns the contaminated product.

     - a stop bell with an alarm