Security Policy




Ý  AL-MUNAF maintains a vigilant security system to guard against the introduction of non-manifested cargo into outbound shipments.


Ý  AL-MUNAF supports all actions to discourage smuggling of goods and maintains a system to monitor the shipment loading process in the factory premises.


Ý  AL-MUNAF complies with domestic laws, rules, and regulations governing sale, use, or smuggling of illicit drugs.


Ý  AL-MUNAF documents all security related procedures.


1.2. Applicable Law or Regulation


Custom Act 1969


1.3. Procedure


The security system developed and implemented at AL-MUNAF consists of:


1.    Personal Movement and access control

2.    CCTV

3.    Dedicated and Locked Finished Goods Area

4.    Inspection of Container before and after Loading.

5.    Monitoring during the loading.


1.4.         PMAC (Personal Movement and Access Control)


1.    The security guard in the security room directs anyone who enters into the factory premises.

2.    Security staff first inquires from the visitor, his name, category of visit i.e. supplier, general visitor etc and whom he wants to see.

3.    Visitors record the details i.e. name, purpose of visit, address, host name, time – in and initial the record in Gate Register and Visitor Entry Pass.

4.    Security office provides a Visitor Card and Visitor Entry Pass to visitor for his ready identification.

5.    Host, security personnel and the Department Heads ensures that the visitors should only visit the area for which they have been authorized to visit and that too in the escort of a company representative.

6.    When the visitor leaves the AL-MUNAF premises or host, he get the visitor slip signed by the host and returns it along with the card to the security staff at the gate.

7.    Department Heads of respective sections and security personnel ensure that employees movement should remain confined in their respective areas and they should not visit other sections except only as a part of their assigned job/task.


1.5.   Close Circuit TV (CCTV)


Security Incharge ensures that a network of CCTV’s should be functional in the following areas


1.    Cameras are installed at positions to cover the maximum area and movement.

2.    A set of CCTV present in the Security room/Administration office is used to monitor on continuous basis the movement of personal and identify of any undesired activity.

3.    A DVR Recording device is installed with CCTV system to have back-up recording of the system for 14 days.


1.6.         Inspection of Container before and after loading.


1.    Packing Incharge / Finishing area Incharge and security personnel inspects the container when it is docked for loading. The container is inspected for cleanliness and any unwanted items present in the container.

2.    After the loading, Packing Incharge / Finishing Incharge and security personnel again inspects the container to identify any open carton, any unwanted item present in the container, physical condition of cargo after loading.

3.    Inspection record of container for pre and post loading is maintained.


1.7    Monitoring during loading.


Security personnel monitor the loading of shipment by ensuring the following

1.    Only authorized loaders stack the cargo.

2.    Loaders are not changed without his information.

3.    Loaders do not stay inside the container for longer duration.

4.    Any open carton is not loaded in the container.


1.8    Employees Background Check /Verification


1.    At the time of hiring of security and loading workers whether directly or through security agency, identifying previous job experience and seeking feedback from the ex-employer performs background check of the potential employee.

2.    Parameters like employee conduct, his reputation, any misdeed or misconduct associated with the employee during his job tenure, are checked as a part of background verification.

3.   To the extent possible, people whose background can’t be verified e.g. new immigrants in the country or city, they are not employed for the jobs related to security or as finished product loading staff / worker. 



1.9 Training of New Employees


At the time of hiring of an employee all the security measure has been briefed. A periodic training also is conducted to refresh the employees.



10.0 Responsible Person


Company Representative trains all relevant individuals, including all managers and supervisors, on the AL-MUNAF Security policy and maintains Training Record Form.


1.10    Related Documents


1.    Awareness Session Record.

2.    Training Record Form

3.    Gate Register

4.    Container Inspection Report.

5.    Background Check