Health & Safety Policy


For Al-Munaf Corporation a clean, healthy and safe atmosphere is the most important and highly motivating factor, which will play role in establishing the concept of employee involvement and job satisfaction. 

Keeping in mind the prevailing knowledge of the industry and of specific hazards, the Company is committed to the possible extend for providing a safe and healthy working environment.

  1. The Company will provide and implement safe systems of work with a view to minimizing the incidence of injury and property damage accidents.
  2. The Company will ensure that employees are aware of their responsibilities in respect of health and safety matters.
  3. The Company will encourage the use of personal protective equipment, safety instructions/posters, safe handling of material and use of safety instructions/procedures.

  4. The Company will provide safety training for all employees including new appointees.
  5. The Company will design system and maintain proper equipment for fire prevention, fire protection and fire fighting, and as well as for evacuation in case of emergency.
  6. The Company will provide for use of all personnel clean bathrooms, access to potable water and sanitary facilities for food storage.
  7. The Company will make this health & safety policy and its objectives available to any interested party upon request.