Environmental Policy



For the team at Al-Munaf Corporation environment in general and particular to the customer and to our employees is of paramount importance. The Company uses environmental friendly dyes & chemicals, which do not cause harm to human health for which Company is also certified to Okeo-Tex Standard 100. 

Considering the effects that manufacturing is currently having on the environment, the Environmental Management System at Al-Munaf Corporation is being designed to enable the organization to maximize its beneficial effects and to minimize its adverse effects. 

The environmental policy at Al-Munaf Corporation is based on a suitable approach, which will not only be helpful in reducing negative effects on the surrounding environment, but also recognize the safety of employees, community and customers and develop products that have no negative environmental impacts. 

- The Company will establish and maintain documented environmental management system and practices as per International and National Standards.

- The Company will provide training to all its employees including Managers level to workers level and as well as the top management. This will be helpful in giving them understanding as how to conduct their activities in an environmentally friendly manner.

- The Company will create a system for conducting environmental audits on regular basis to ensure proper monitoring of the environmental objectives and systems.

- The Company will try and reduce waste and the consumption of resources i.e. materials, fuel and energy.

- The Company will monitor and control effluent discharges, air emissions and use of hazardous and non-hazardous material where possible.


- The Company beliefs in continuous improvement and ensuring that environmental policy and its objectives will be made available to any interested party upon request.