People busy in their regular schedule of business / jobs often get tired and need some extra curricular activities to remain active and keep the body always fit. Majority of people prefer playing sports on weekends / month ends, etc; not only businesspersons, also kids love to play sports on regular basis.

On the other hand, the businessperson also need proper sleep and rest to keep their minds always active in order to make strategic and profitable decisions for long term growth of their business.

Al-Munaf Corporation comes forward with these two basic needs of its business class customers and manufactures its high quality garments providing comforts to the people either at sports or sleep. It mainly deals in four broader garments divisions offering comfort ability at every stage to its customers.

Casual Sportswear

Al-Munaf Corporation manufactures casual sportswear for kids, men and women that make them feel comfortable while playing sports. Such a quality garments manufactured by Al-Munaf Corporation keeps their bodies always active in sports and also later relaxed.